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For the first time we are excited to introduce to you the Vertex Skills Camp at Skydive Voss! A stunning scenic dropzone in Norway.

On this Camp you will be organised into a groups of 4 with similar progression goals and skill levels. You will jump for 4 days with the aim to complete 5 jumps per day with your group. The groups will rotate through different coaches each day giving you a wide range of coaching styles and experience. We will have pre-manifested loads on a Cessna Caravan, giving us fast and efficient trips to altitude.

Jumping days
29th - Early arrivals fun jumping day (it is a bank holiday so the dropzone won't start jumping until 1pm approx).
30th - Day 1 skills camp
31st - Day 2 skills camp
1st - Day 3 skills camp
2nd - Day 4 skills camp

Vertex Skills camps are aimed at a wide range of experience levels from beginner freefly / tracking up to more advanced flyer's. Please see our "Entry Requirements" section further down the page to find out if you can register. If you are unsure if this event is for you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

REGISTRATION (£600) + 20 JUMP TICKETS (6400 NOK) + Club registration fee (450 NOK)

- 20 jump tickets (to be purchased from the drop-zone on arrival).
- 4 days of coached group jumping in small groups 4:1 ratio. (5 jumps per day average is the aim).
- Organised evening meals
- Limited edition Vertex event jersey
- Free entry into the prize draw.

Flights, transport and accommodation are not included in any of the registration options. You will need to organise this yourself. For accommodation there are bunk rooms on site, camping and plenty of hotels in the town of Vossevangen.


Ally Milne – FF / TR.
Petter Stensvold - FF / TR.
James Moran – FF / TR coach.


You will need to arrange your own flights and rental car or alternative transport to the dropzone.

From the UK there are relatively cheap flights going from London Gatwick to Bergen on the 28th May - 3rd June. This is about 1 hour drive to the dropzone.


We are very open to all skill levels and jumpers from anywhere in the world. At a minimum we expect you to be comfortable jumping in a group of 4 + coach for Freefly and Tracking. Before registering please make sure you are comfortable with both freefly and tracking as we aim to work on both of these disciplines per group, not just one of them.

For freefly we would expect you to be able to fly in a stable sit position for the whole jump and break off safely on your back at the end of the skydive. Breaking off on belly would not be suitable. For tracking you are expected to fly on your belly in fairly close proximity to a group of 4 people and breakoff safely.
For British Skydiving members this means you would require FF1 and TR1 stickers to participate. Any questions please get in touch with James -


We are planning to do atleast one if not two Inn Hopps / Mountain swoops during the event. These will take place before the coached jumping starts in the morning or at the end of the day. These are optional and come with an additional cost of approximately 650-750 NOK per jump depending on the location chosen for the inn hopp.
Due to the increased risk of remote landings we can't guarantee everyone a slot and you may be asked to not take part if we feel that your landing accuracy and canopy skills don't meet the requirements for the Inn hopp. Although this may be dissapointing, going home injured may be more of a dissapointment!


To register please scroll down to the registration form below. Please complete all questions. This will help us to organise you into appropriate skill level groups. Registration fee is required at the end of the registration form and will be handled by our payment provider Worldpay. This is a payment in pounds by credit or debit card. Once your registration form has been submitted you have secured your place subject to meeting minimum entry requirements.

The registration fee of £600 is non refundable if you are to cancel at any time. However, if you are able to find a suitable qualified replacement that matches your skill level group at least 4 weeks before the event, then we may allow the transfer of your registration minus an administration fee of £100. Cancellations within 4 weeks of the event are completely non refundable.

To make the event run efficiently with the aircraft you will be required to jump with your group at all times where the weather allows us. If you are unable to make your load then your ticket will still be charged (This excludes non self-inflicted sickness and personal injury).

Please fill out all of the details below before proceeding to pay the registration fee.

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