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    Thank you so much! The best customer service from any business (not just the skydiving industry) I have ever received. Plus the fact that your prices are great and quality suits that have held up way better than other more expensive brands I’ve seen.

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    Ally Milne (HU/HD world record holder).,UK

    Great jumpsuit (and I've worn a few different types!). Excellent customer service and fast delivery. Quality design and construction 10/10 would recommend

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    karl thackeray,UK

    WOW!! What can I say ordered my suit 2 weeks ago it has arrived, everything from customer service to the quality of the suit is spot on. Would recommend anyone tempted to get a suit to do so...

    Now waiting for my second suit to arrive, if it’s anything like the first then I’m sure to be impressed.

    Thanks again to the team especially Andrew for customising my suit like no others

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    Miquel Cerda,Spain

    Seriously thank you for your help , I’ve never found anyone so helpful thanks again!

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    Sam Blackburn,UK

    I would highly recommend Vertex Sky Sport. They were so helpful and unbelievably patient ( especially as the order wasn’t straightforward) and the end product was brilliant. Thank you 😊

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    Paul Rose,UK

    Ordered custom suit. Excellent quality, really good delivery time.
    Would definitely recommend.

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    Jay Rumford,UK

    Quick and easy service. Go beyond what is required to complete an order. Suit came before the expected arrival date. Super great company to order from.

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    Nige Hawtin,Australia

    I am so impressed by these guys. I needed a suit made in 2 weeks to train for the nationals. This was over Christmas and New Year. The suit arrived in Australia for me bang on time, the quality feels amazing, the fit is perfect, colours precisely what i expected and I instantly was having so much fun in my suit. I will definitely be getting my next suit from James and the team.

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    JASON MACKENZIE,Royal Engineers Para Team

    5★ - Ordered 35 suits in total for our parachute team, got them all super fast in time for a competition and then a trip to the states. Very impressed with them all!
    Highly recommend and will be ordering more in the future.

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    Rich Madeley,Parallel Freefly

    swoop shorts fit like a dream dude. Awesome stuff. Way more comfortable than my other intrudair ones, which are now my work ones!

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    Highly recommend these guys. The suit they made me is awesome and the service was phernominal. I wanted an embroidery I image on the back and these guys were as passionate about designing it as I was. I was amazed with there responsiveness to questions and the help offered with measurements. Vertex are an all round great company and are as passionate about the sport as anyone I know.

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    ‎Jamie Balint Dewhirst,UK

    Guys you have outdone yourselves. The suit is awesome I can't thank you enough 😁👊🤙

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    Léo Muguet,SPAIN

    For my first suit ever I decided to turn to Vertex because of all the good reviews I heard about them, and to be honest, also because of the price! Now, I have to 2 Vertex suits and I'm just really happy about it! Really important: the customer service is amazing, very efficient and always trying to find a solution for any problem you have. Thanks again and see you in the sky

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    Thousand thanks of the FF suit you made for me. I got it yesterday and it fits perfectly. Great job and looking forward to fly with that next weekend.

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    yet another outstanding display of epic customer service by Vertex. Sent suit away for a couple of minor adjustments and the suit was returned to me in what can only be described as "like new" condition.
    All of the holes and damage to the suit caused by my carbon fibre prosthetic leg have been fixed (despite telling them not to bother with them) and a variety of other improvements that are above and beyond what I expected.


    Keep up the good work, you have the perfect recipe for success, top quality product and epic customer service, YOU ROCK!

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    Fred Voiron,FRANCE


    I wanted to give you some feedback after finally trying my suit in the sky... which I did yesterday.

    The preci‎sion of the cut is impressive = my first suit where I can move 100% free whatsover I do, but still having à tight fit = excellent + the exact drag I was expecting giving powerfull transition = excellent again + a fantastic look = excellent again. For a first try it is a 100% match :-) much thanks for your great work !

    Blus skys

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    Michael Egan,Australia

    Hey guys. Got the suit today. Fits like a glove. Absolutely stoked with the job guys. The embroidery is unbelievable.

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    Charles Mungai Loadholt,United States

    This suit is amazing! Perfect fit!!!!!!

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    Allyson Arbogast,United States

    Loving this suit from Vertex!! Now all I need is a freestyle suit and my heart will be happy :-)

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    Niall Rachman,Scotland

    Suit made with extreme high quality, care and professionalism. For half the price of other companies! Andrew & James were there any time to answer questions. 10/10 would buy again & recommend to everyone!

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    Alex Mitchell,UNITED STATES

    Cant think of many other companies that would go out of the way to please their customers as you guys are!

    Blue skies

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    Lauren Depew,United States

    My new suit is PERFECT and amazing and I love it - thank you so so much. I am so pleased and wanted to let you know. Thanks again!!!

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    Shadi Ibrahim,United States

    Good day!! I'd love to say I flew in tunnel head down and the suit is beyond perfect

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    Robin Vinckx,BELGIUM

    Hi Andrew,

    I've used the suit for about 25 jumps now and I'm still very much impressed!
    It feels really strong, the quality is superb. I'm enjoying it thoroughly!

    Thanks again!
    Blue skies!

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    Thank you for the suits, they are fabulous! :-)

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    NICOLA HECKELS,United Kingdom

    Would just like to say I bought my first suit from you a couple of months ago - its fully tested in the tunnel AND I Love it!!!! Thank you so much.

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    Lauri lauch,GERMANY

    Its so awesome!!! Im so in love!!! Thanks guys! You rock!!! :-) my second suit is just as good as the first was!

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    Marius Rønningen,NORWAY

    Just got my FF suit. It fits perfect, and I love the feels of it. Thank you very much Vertex sky sports! :-)

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    James Delahunty,UK

    Hello bud! Suits arrived today - freefly is top notch and fits like a glove

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    DZ Sports Ltd,UK

    I like the suit and the quality seems to be very good, I have had a lot of people asking me about it.

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    I received my jumpsuit today. It is a perfect fit!! Iam 100% happy! Your customer service goes above and beyond anything I have experienced, so Thankyou! I will recommend you to everyone. Great suits, great service!

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    Yall have the best customer service of any of the major suit companys!! It took me 4 weeks dealing with liqued sky on some swoop shorts until I finally gave up on them. Seriously thanks taking the time to deal with me and keeping me informed

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    Hey mate. Free fly suit just arrived today. Awesome job, fits perfectly. Thanks again!

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    Hey james!!! Firstly personal thanks for the most epic shorty ever! Very much inlove with everything about it and its performance!

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    Yeah I love it mate,,, was a tad hot in the desert,, so Ill be ordering a shorty

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    Im so in love with my RW Suit! It fits like a second skin and the colours are amazing! In everything and at any time you were very helpfull for answering questions! Thank you so much!

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    We got our suits last week and they were great! Fit perfectly and really nice quality and style.

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    Suit arrived today and fit is spot on, feels fast! Thanks

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    thank you guys so much. Got my suit on Monday and jumped it Saturday. Fits great and flys even better. I will get some pics of it soon and tag yall in it. Thank you so much yall are awesome.

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    Got my FF suit today and it is brilliant. I made a mistake with a couple of my sizes to begin with and vertex sorted this out for me straight away. The suit fits perfectly and I couldnt recommend them more. Cheers

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    I officially got the suit this morning and jumped it today. This suit is badass and stylish and fit perfect! Thanks man.

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    Every time I jump the suit, I like it more and more. I was at Skydive Arizona and received a lot of compliments on the suit last week.

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    I got my freefly suit a few days ago and I couldnt be more happy with it. It fits great, and the quality is incredible for the price. Thanks guys!

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    Hey andrew.

    The Suit is Great. Thx. I Love it.

    Sorry my english is Bad :-)

    The Suit from vertex Looks Great and when People ask i say buy this Suit :-)

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    Your help is truly appreciated. Please know that I will be promoted you all over my drop zone due to the quality and outstanding service.