Vertex Skills Camps - Skydive Langar Angle Week(end) 2023



Join us for the first ever Vertex skills camp - angle camp at the amazing Skydive Langar! On this camp you will be organised into groups of 6 with similar progression goals and skill levels. You will jump for 2 days with the aim to complete 6 jumps per day with your group. Each day your group will change organiser to give some different coaching on each day and a wide range of styles and experience.

This Vertex Skills camp is not aimed at total beginner trackers. At a minimum you should have TR1 and atleast 50 tracking jumps. You will also need a minimum of FF1 (and 50 freefly jumps) if the weather isn't clear enough for tracking. For the most advanced group you should have TR3.

With the excellent skill sets of our coaches, we will work with your group to constantly push your learning and level up those flying skills in a fun and controlled environment!

Last year (2022) all of our coaches received over 9/10 average review scores for their organising (from anonymous feedback forms) and we want to continue this trend of providing excellent coaching and customer satisfaction into 2023 and beyond.


- 2 days of coached jumping.
- 6 jumps per day (cost of jump tickets not included)
- Groups of 6 + coach.
- Minimum of Tr1 (50+ tracking jumps) and FF1 (50+ freefly jumps).
- Class room coaching in the event of bad weather.


Ally Milne – FF / TR / CP coach.
James Moran – FF / TR coach.
James Round – FF / TR coach.
Max Fuller – FF / TR coach.


Skydive Langar is the best dropzone in the UK for fun jumping and progression. The dropzone owns 3 fast Cessna Caravans and this ensures there is capacity to cater for our event. The landing area is massive and they have a large packing hangar available to all fun jumpers. There is an on site cafe and bar for drinks after jumping.

To find out more about the dropzone and the facilities available visit their website


At a minimum you should have TR1 (atleast 50 tracking jumps). You will also need a minimum of FF1 (and 50 freefly jumps) if the weather isn't clear enough for tracking. If you are not sure if you meet these requirements then please get in touch. If you turn up without the ability to fly with the group then we may ask you to stop jumping without refund.


To register please scroll down to the registration form below. Please complete all questions. This will help us to organise you into appropriate skill level groups. Registration fee is required at the end of the registration form and will be handled by our payment provider Worldpay. This is a payment in pounds only by credit or debit card. Once your registration form has been submitted you have secured your place subject to meeting minimum entry requirements.

The registration fee of £100 is non refundable if you are to cancel at any time. However, if you are able to find a suitable qualified replacement that matches your skill level group atleast 2 weeks before the event, then we may allow the transfer of your registration. Please note there is no guarantee that we will. Cancellations within 2 weeks of the event are completely non refundable.

The jump tickets will need to be purchased on arrival from the dropzone. You will need to ensure you have enough jump tickets for each day of jumping.

Please fill out all of the details below before proceeding to pay the registration fee.

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