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Ally Milne is a British Advanced Instructor with over 11,000 jumps. He is a World, European and British record holder and a British National Champion. Ally works as a professional coach for the sky and tunnel as well as doing load organising, AFF and very occasionally Tandems.

Skydiving Progression Events Guide

By Ally Milne

There comes a point in everyone's skydiving progression the initial rush of adrenaline, fear and nervousness subsides, this leaves a lot of people looking for the next challenge, which often means improving their skills or trying a new discipline. Below we are going to looking at the common ways that people can level up, looking at pros and cons of each type of jumping.


This the gateway to learning and flying a new position. A planned program of coaching with an experienced coach sets up excellent foundations to help your path into a new discipline. The aim of the coaching should not be just to get licence, sticker or brevet but to improve skills. You can get coaching to improve solo skills at any stage not just when you are starting.


  • - Flexible dates.
  • - Can start any time of day.
  • - Tailored to your personal needs.


  • - Initial cost (this however saves time and money later).
  • - May struggle to find coach if not pre booked.


This is what people generally move onto once they have become proficient enough to jump with other people. The majority of progression for some people is weekend fun jumping at their local DZ.


  • - Flexible date / time.
  • - Can start any time of day.
  • - Just paying for jump tickets.


  • - Skill level of group variable.
  • - May learn bad habits.
  • - Often lacks focus.


At one time this most the most popular type of skydiving event. Boogies have a relaxed party style atmosphere.


  • - Relaxed fun environment.
  • - Can start jumping any time of day.
  • - Lots of different organisers.
  • - Each has its own Unique Selling Points.


  • - Group skill level changes throughout the day.
  • - Often big groups.
  • - Fun is the main focus, not skills.
  • - Manifest can get busy quickly.
  • - Sometimes minimal or no debriefing.
canopy landing


This style of jumping is often unfamiliar to people, but those who use it progress fast and keep booking again and again. A group of 2 or more people pay a coach to jump with them over a period of days and all progression is tailored to the groups needs/requirements. This format is freed from having fixed start and end times and every parameter can be chosen ahead of time. Morning you want to fly vertical and afternoon to dynamic angles, no problem!


  • - Personalised focused learning.
  • - Super flexible.
  • - Jump as much/little as you want.
  • - Choose your own group and coach.
  • - Rapid progression with friends.


  • - None as it's what you want, when you want it!


Now some of the most popular events in the sport. Generally well organised, pre manifested, with a rotation of different coaches every day. Some focus on one area of a discipline others are more varied in nature.


  • - Lots of jumps.
  • - Focusing on learning.
  • - Good briefing and debriefing.
  • - Smaller groups.
  • - Variety of coaches.


  • - Cost is generally more than a boogie.
  • - Partying is 'normally' left till the last night.


As you can see there are a variety of different skydiving events each with their own pros/cons. Having a good mix to build experience is a great idea, and planning in advance for the most popular events is a top tip as they fill up quickly. If you need a hand with your skydiving progression and need to level up your skills quickly, or learn some new positions, then feel free to contact me on Facebook or Instagram (see links at bottom of the page).

canopy landing


Here at Vertex Sky Sports we have been working closely with Ally to bring you some amazing skills camps. Our first one at Skytime Castellon in Spain went down really well with our customers. We had an awesome week of sunshine, progression, high altitude beach jumps and really nice evening meals as a group.

For 2020 Vertex Skills Camps are taking us for an action packed adventure in July at Skydive Bovec Slovenia then the sunny seaside dropzone of Skytime Castellon for November. Both events are still accepting bookings but are subject to reschedule due to the Covid-19 outbreak disruptions.

If you would like to join us and level up your flying on a fun, progressive skills camp then visit our facebook page to find out how to register Vertex Skills Camp Facebook Page

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